Who would represent Great Britain if darts was an Olympic sport?

Earlier this week we discussed why darts should be an Olympic sport, but in a hypothetical world where we saw the stars of the PDC headed to Tokyo for the upcoming event, who would represent Team GB?

It’s no secret that the UK is a hotbed for dartists, with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all producing top talent throughout history.

If darts was allowed to join in on the world stage, the qualifying process would need looking at, and it seems that the best method would be to follow golf’s system of allowing a maximum of four players from each country to be entered into the competition.

Of course, the ideal scenario would be to play qualifiers, but if we were hand-picking our representatives we’d have a real job on our hands.

One man with probably the biggest claim for being picked would be Peter Wright.

The Scot is the current world champion and according to the current order of merit he’s the number two player in the word, so he’d certainly be worthy of a spot.

That leaves three open slots, and you don’t have to look much further down the world rankings to see who should be next up.

Gerwyn Price is a man who divides opinion, but he’s amongst the best players in the world, and he’s perhaps the most watchable darts player at the moment.

If you’re showcasing this sport on the world stage, having a character like Price there could only be a good thing, his antics will resonate with people from every nation whenever their man does battle with him, and if he won a gold medal that would hugely help to increase his rising popularity back in the UK.

The third and fourth spots are incredibly tough to choose, as the order of merit is a who’s who of British talent.

Do you choose someone like Gary Anderson who has been out of form for a little while now.

Do you pick the current Matchplay and European champion Rob Cross? Who has more than earnt the right to get a spot

Does Daryl Gurney get in to be a Northern Irish representative?

There are three big contenders right there without even considering the likes of Premier League leader and three-time world champion Glen Durrant, two-time world champion Adrian Lewis, former world finalist Michael Smith or the up-and-coming Nathan Aspinall.

For us, Rob Cross would have to be the pick of the bunch just because of what he’s won over the past couple of years, but that could all change, with the event being pushed back to 2021.

Now, for the final spot you still have all the above names to choose from, but we think that it would only be fair to offer first dibs to a man who doesn’t even play anymore.

Indeed, Phil Taylor may not say yes, but the question would need to be asked in our opinion.

He’s arguably the greatest sportsman the UK has ever produced, and he’s the best ambassador this sport has ever had.

If darts was an Olympic sport for as long as the likes and archery and shooting have been, Taylor would have been one of Britain’s most decorated Olympians, but he’s unfortunately been robbed of that honour.

It would only be fair to give The Power the chance to claim a title he’s deserved for years, and if he was picked, we certainly wouldn’t write him off.

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