Keegan Brown should be Sports Personality of the Year after NHS commitment

2020 looked set to be a landmark year in British sport.

Tyson Fury won the World Heavyweight title in February, getting the year off to a good start, and it looked as though the UK’s good fortune was going to continue.

There were high hopes for Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions in the summer at the Euros and Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics, while Lewis Hamilton had his eyes on Michael Schumacher’s record and Johanna Konta will have been hoping to become the first British woman since Angela Mortima to win Wimbledon.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, those events now won’t be taking place this year, and that leads to a huge question about the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

Of course, this award is the last thing on anyone’s mind at the moment, but during a year where the whole country has to band together and come through adversity, SPOTY has a chance to take on a whole new meaning.

A case can be made for Fury to win the award after beating Deontay Wilder, and it’s hard to argue that he wouldn’t be a worthy winner, but this crisis means that it’s time for those type of accolades to take a backseat.

Under any normal circumstances, the frontrunner in the darting world would be Peter Wright after capturing his first World title on New Year’s Day, and while we’d love to see Snakebite honoured with such a prestigious award, this year’s incarnation has to be given to someone who has gone above and beyond in the fight against the biggest threat this country has faced since World War II.

Amir Khan would be a worthy winner after offering usage of a 60,000 square foot property in Bolton to help the NHS.

Gary Neville would also be a deserved candidate after allowing his hotel to be used by NHS workers who aren’t able to go back to their families.

However, amid all the big names such as Neville and Khan, there is a relative unknown who deserves all the recognition in the world.

Many darts fans will know who Keegan Brown is, after all, the world number 30 is one of the most talented young players in the game, but if you’re not an avid follower of the PDC you may not know all too much about this man’s story.

Brown works for the NHS, and in order to try to help combat the current epidemic, he’s actually upped his hours in order to aid the health system in their time of need.

The 27-year-old is literally putting his life on the line by continuing his work for the NHS during such a pressing time.

After winning £169,750 in prize money over the past two years, Brown could easily have self-isolated like the rest of us and taken this time to practice his darts, but he’s chosen to not only plough on with his NHS responsibilities but actually upping his hours in order to help those in need.

All of us have been clapping at 8PM on a Thursday night for the past couple of weeks, and while we all want to acknowledge every NHS worker during this time, the Sports Personality of the Year award going to Keegan Brown this year would not only be a way to say thank you to the man, but it would also act as a wider form of recognition from the sporting world for the work every worker has done throughout this crisis.

Hopefully, by December normality will have resumed and the SPOTY ceremony can go ahead as usual, and if it does, we would love to see the darting world campaign for Keegan Brown to get the recognition he deserves.

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