Building the best dart player in the World

With all sport being called off for the foreseeable future, darts fans have been quite lucky to have their fix of content to engage with.

The PDC won the inaugural Walk-On World Championships, which was eventually won by Wayne Mardle, and now they’ve challenged fans to build their dream player.

They challenged Twitter users to choose one player for eight different attributes that make for a great arrowsmith.

Hair: Peter Wright

Could it be anyone else? The World Champ’s famous barnet is one of the most recognisable, not just in darts, but in all of sport.

There’s a reason his wigs sell like hot cakes at any PDC event, and Snakebite’s signature trim is a huge part of why he’s one of the most popular players on the tour.

Walk-on: Dimitri van den Bergh

While ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams is nowhere near the best song used by a PDC player, the Belgian’s dance moves make for entertaining viewing every time he takes to the oche.

Dancing dart players are nothing new, Wright’s iconic sidestep and Devon Peterson’s moves are a couple of our favourites, but for our money, nobody does it quite like The Dream Maker.

Dart Brain: Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen is the best player in the world for a reason, and his incredible attitude and ability to keep his cool is what separates him from everyone else on the tour.

The Dutchman has proven time and again that he’s able to mentally outmuscle his opponent, just look at the 2017 Premier League final against Peter Wright and the 2019 Champions League final against that same opponent, where mindset was the only thing that secured the title for MVG.

Celebration: Brendan Dolan

Simple, iconic, easy to copy.

The Northern Irishman’s helicopter celebration is brilliant for a number of reasons, and it’s certainly the best on the tour.

Right arm: Michael Smith

In terms of pure throwing action and ability, it’s hard to argue against Michael Smith being one of the best in the world.

If he can produce his A-game a little more consistently he’ll be a world champion sooner rather than later, but as for now, he has to take solace in the fact that we think he has the best throwing action in the game at the moment.

Left arm: James Wade

Best left handed player of all time, no discussion really needed on this one.

Scoring power: Dave Chisnall

Chizzy is another player that deserves more trophies than he currently boasts, but when it comes to scoring power, there aren’t many that can rival him.

Unfortunately, his finishing does let him down sometimes, but there is a reason why he ranks so highly on the yearly 180 tally despite not making many finals, and that’s because he can’t stop hitting maximums.

Finishing: Nathan Aspinall

According to Ochepedia, there is only one player better at Aspinall when it comes to taking out one dart combos, and that’s Michael van Gerwen.

This game gets a bit boring if you keep choosing MVG for every category, which you very easily could, so Aspinall takes the crown on this one.

Also, checking out a 170 to win your first ever TV major doesn’t hinder your reputation for being a great finisher either.